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Most frequent questions and answers

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Every laboratory has to refer samples to a reference lab… Even reference labs. This is common. No need to take a financial hit. Just send those samples to the best participating provider for the patient. 

Absolutely! But why haven’t you? It’s because your time is precious and your level of knowledge may cause significant delays and costly mistakes in the process.

The program is structured to defer costs to decrease if not eliminate up front cash requirements.

Our clients bills for their lab services. Assurity can help clients develop their knowledge on how to bill, but does not actually perform the billing function.

Yes, from the LIS side. Additional charges may be charged by your EHR vendor

No. All fees from Assurity are flat rate and on a transparent pricing schedule.

In order to provide the most complete and accurate P&L forecast, we need accurate payor and volume information to accurately represent the opportunity and cost ratios.

Our clients own their labs. We just do the heavy lifting to get them up and operating and then manage their operation through the contract period.