Clearwater – Florida – {Press Release} — Mar. 30, 2017 — When it comes to the livelihood of the nation’s healthcare market the only accurate soundbite anyone can get from policy makers goes something like this: “this is what we know……we don’t know.” Sure you get a soundbite you repeat so you don’t sound dumb, but as one of the most complex and overwhelming obstacles continues to leave healthcare professionals in a staring contest with the ghost of healthcare’s future, a few outsiders and freethinkers thought they could see what no one else could. These outsiders saw the light at the end of the tunnel for America’s $3.3 trillion dollar spend and did something no one else thought to do: They looked.
At 7 in the morning, as the tide makes its way back up Clearwater beach, professionals across every industry imaginable start pouring into Dr. Cesar A Lara’s Center for Weight Management. Chairs throughout a large patient waiting room have been rearranged to a collaborative center facing seating assembly where Sharon Fekete – aka “The Doctor Whisper” – encourages round robin introductions of attendees to explain their background and how their skill sets pertain to the healthcare industry.
Almost effortlessly, once the formalities conclude, the conversation organically transitions into past experiences they’ve faced or are currently facing with respects to population health and the day to day demands of making healthcare work both now and in the future.
“You can’t scale your business figuring things out on your own, that’s impossible,” says Fekete. “We all have to figure this [healthcare] out together.”
Together indeed. As obstacles and issues arise, one can only sit there and understand that underneath it all, at the end of the day, the solutions will come from collaboration and experiences. Everyone from practice managers, physicians, marketing directors, real estate agents, underwriters, laboratory companies, and even decorators shows how it really takes a village to make healthcare function.

Sharon Fekete understands what makes marketing doctors different from other professions. As a co-author of her new book “Things I Never Learned In Medical School, or How I Found My Doctor Whisperer”, Sharon and Dr. Savel illustrate many of Sharon’s out-of-the-box marketing ideas, tips and tricks that created huge results for her clients over the years.

Over the years Sharon has done it all. These responsibilities include but were not limited to managing practices with multiple locations, an evening division, 33+ staff members, & 4 physicians. Overseeing all operations including the front office, back office, finance and clinical staff. Responsible for opening & marketing satellite offices, in addition to HR responsibilities, team building and monthly meetings with physician partners. She has Orchestrated, implemented, and continue to market the new evening division. Designed the website, managed the social media, while seeking out & attending relevant marketing events.

About Assurity Laboratories
Over the last 5 years, Assurity Labs has surmounted an increasingly difficult provider space as larger health systems continually consolidate the physician office space. By partnering with all the vital owners and operators of the laboratory space, Assurity provides physician offices of all provider types and sizes to take control of their laboratory services. This results in faster turn around times for the patients and a fully compliant business model to keep otherwise escaped laboratory revenue in house.
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